About – Beyond Blonde

Everyone wants to know a band’s history. Well, we have a lot to share. This page will tell you all about – Beyond Blonde


We’ve had our ups and downs throughout the years but we’ve kept it together since 2002.

2002 was the start of it all at the Newport Blues Cafe during an open jam.  Lisa Fuller, lead vocalist and founder, was there to check out the scene and walked in while Donna Compos was poppin’ the drums like no other drummer she had seen.  Small spitfire of a girl, playing open-handed and a smile as wide as the grand canyon.  “Loved her energy the moment I walked in the bar”, Lisa said.  

Before 2014 they did a lot of cool shit!

WINS/NOMINATIONS…. Won Album of the Year for PURPLE ROSE and nominated Female Vocalist of the Year (Limelight Magazine Music Awards 2014); Nominated Female Vocalist of the Year (Motif Magazine 2014); Band of the Year (3/16/13 Limelight Magazine Music Awards); Album of the Year “Showing My Roots” (2012 Limelight Magazine Music Awards); Nominated Best Female Vocalist (2008 & 2010) Motif Magazine; Nominated “Best Band of the Year” and “Best Female Vocalist of the Year” with Limelight Magazine 2008, Nominated “BEST LIVE ACT” 2008 by Motif Magazine; EMERGENZA Music Festival semi-finalists, 2004; END ZONE Battle of the Bands winners.